Find Joy Everyday

Prints available   here

Prints available here

My project for this year as an Adobe Creative Resident is called The Joyful Everyday, which is the concept that happiness can be found in the minutiae of everyday life. Because of my experiences with my mental health (which I go into in more depth here), over the past couple of years I’ve been on a bit of a self-care journey. I moved from London, living five minutes from a 24hr shop, back to my childhood home in Dorset, where there isn’t any public transport, there are no streetlights in my village, and it’s incredibly, wonderfully quiet.

This abrupt transition into what I call ‘the slow life’ led to a fundamental shift in my outlook on, well, life. I was so unwell when I first came home, and yet one of the hardest things for me to do was to actually stop. For months after, I tried to carry on working, studying, doing anything to live up to what had become a very real need to achieve. My entire self worth was tied up in doing things, things that I thought other people needed me to do. I had to constantly be progressing on this abstract life plan that was completely unattainable.

What this meant is that I didn’t stop and think about what actually made me happy. I was miserably going through life, studying for a career I didn’t want, in a city I didn’t like, living my life like I felt I should. To be honest this is probably the best thing to come out of having a complete breakdown for me: the knowledge of what brings me joy.

I know now that I like having a routine, that I need to make things everyday, that I need to make time to look after myself. While most of this is easier said than done, it’s a start. The Joyful Everyday is more than my project for the year, it’s my approach to life, and it’s the way I want to structure my career. And I feel very lucky to be moving in that direction.

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