Adobe Creative Residency 2019

All of this year’s residents from around the world.

All of this year’s residents from around the world.

After months of interviews, business plans, more interviews, and secrecy, today I get to talk about something that is going to change my life forever. For the next year, I will be working as an Adobe Creative Resident.

The Residency is essentially a community outreach program run by creative tech giant Adobe, who make software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and many other marvellous things which fall under the Adobe Creative Cloud banner. They have been doing this astonishing thing for the past five years, and it basically involves them nurturing young creatives for a year, paying them a salary, introducing them to people you’d just never meet under any other circumstance, and opening doors they never even knew existed.

My year will be spent using my experience with depression and anxiety to find the joy in everyday life. As most of you will already know, my mental health is very much something I’m dealing with on a daily basis, and have done for over a decade. The opportunity to use this platform to talk about my experiences, and to others about theirs, is so important to me. Even more important to me is the fact that a huge corporate company like Adobe know all about my struggles, and believe in my work, and the story I have to tell, and my ability to thrive. It’s been a rough few years, and thriving is not something that feels very familiar to me, so I’m so looking forward to traveling, meeting amazing creatives around the world, testing the boundaries of what I can cope with, and learning more about what brings me happiness.

Taken by    Laura Zalenga

Taken by Laura Zalenga


I am currently in New York (!) for the Adobe conference 99U, and have already been out to San Francisco (!!!) for orientation and to meet the other amazing Creative Residents in my cohort, but most of my time will be spent at the home I love in Dorset, working from my shepherd’s hut studio, surrounded by nature, and taking my cocker spaniel to work with me everyday.

I’m kick starting this year with a 100 day drawing challenge, on the theme of The Joyful Everyday – which is also a working title for the year. My aim is to appreciate the mundane, the often overlooked, and the absolutely ordinary. I am firm in my belief that these tiny things are what make life not just possible, but joyful, and worthwhile.

You can follow along with this unbelievable experience below. My heart is full, and my mind is too, and I am just so over the moon to be setting off on this journey.

‘Til next time,

Tink x